A degree, an American Idol and a great weekend

If you followed my wife’s twitter the last few days (www.twitter.com/bethallison), she did a great job documenting our wonderful long-weekend.

Over the weekend, I graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida (www.seuniversity.edu) with a Masters of Arts in Ministerial Leadership.  This 36 hour program was one of the most enriching experiences of my life.  I am so grateful that Dr. Charles Gaulden pushed me to enter this program.  It was a personal goal of mine to get a master’s diploma, but the diploma will be a small part of this experiences.   I gained so much wisdom through diverse professors, new reading material, writing and most of all the relationships that were formed through my classmates.   I look forward to applying all this knowledge to my current position at CIL.

As a reward to my family for their sacrifices during my time in school, we spent a few days at Disney World.   It was perfect weather and we couldn’t have had more fun together.   On Sunday, Beth won the American Idol contest at Disney’s Hollywood Studio theme park (she is on far left in this pic).   It was really a big deal, with a huge crowd and production atmosphere.   We were so proud of her, and had a blast!

We are actually finishing up our last day at the theme parks today, before we head back to Nashville.   I’ll always cherish these few days.

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