You Better Get Your Education

If you have the chance to go further in your formal education, take it.  If you are between 17 – 20, enroll in college.   If your company provides an opportunity to expand your skills and increase your knowledge, participate.  If your great aunt from out of state offers to donate towards your education, take the money and find a school.

The point is, value the opportunity you have to expand your formal education.  God places open doors before us that we can either choose to walk through or ignore.  These open doors may have nothing to do with our eternal salvation, but they are reflection of our free will in Him.

God opened a huge door for me to go through graduate school, but I still hesitated because the time it would take away from my family and church.  On the other end of that door, I see that walking through it had made me a better husband, father and pastor.

As Americans, we are surrounded by open doors in education, so we must not take these for granted.   When your door opens, step through.

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