Compassion Ministries at CIL making a tangible difference

Pastor Kim Driver does an incredible job leading the Compassion Ministries at CIL.   In an e-mail from Kim to her team she summarized all that God allowed her and her team to accomplish for Him in 2009.  To God be the glory!

Message from Pastor Kim:

Compassion is action.  Love in action.

You helped make a difference in the lives of so many this past year.

Thank You for:

Sending 100’s of cards to our wounded American soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center- bringing encouragement and appreciation for their brave and sacrificial service to our country.

Honor-A+-Teacher program– Impacting students and our public education system. By your appreciation, you helped make a difference in the lives of 3 teachers- Mrs. Jolie Barrickman, Mrs. Linda Rice and Mrs. Amanda Swinger.( One teacher said with tears in her eyes, “after 23 years of teaching, I was at the lowest point in my life- then Honor-A+-Teacher showed up with the surprised blessing, you will never know what that meant to me.”) Your gifts of classroom books, teaching materials, laptop, whiteboard, learning games, and numerous other items helped encourage, strengthen and equip those who are impacting the next generation, our children.

Homeless Children in Sumner County–  In April you came together and supplied 65 food paks, helping feed the hungry children in our own community.

Gallatin outreach with Fireplace Fellowship- you joined with them in May and cooked and served food to the hungry. 15 people were saved that night!

Back-to-School Blessing– this year you provided school supplies to 200 children, plus 50 families received a grocery blessing and all received prayer.

Sumner Co. Veterans Home– you brought home-cooked food and fellowshipped with the resident veterans- honoring those who had served our country and helped preserve our religious freedoms.

Thanksgiving Blessing– you provided turkeys for 120 families in our community,

Prayer for every individual that came to the outreach and 4 food baskets for families within our own church.

Operation Christmas Shoebox– you filled 81 boxes for children in need globally, sending out toys and gifts, with the most precious gift of all included, the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Together, we do make a difference in our community- one life at a time.

I pray this New Year bring each of you more opportunities to magnify JESUS

and see His kingdom increased.

Serving Him,

Pastor Kim

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