Two Service Report at CIL

I wanted to give a quick update on the effects of two services at CIL.   Since we have had two weeks of two services (we’re not counting the “snow Sunday”), we have seen a sharp increase in attendance (30 %).   There has been some double-counting, but we still have had quite an increase in visitors and new members.   Here are some reasons I see that this has been so successful for CIL:

1.  We already had signs we were trending upward with our December and early January attendance.

2.  We sent a letter to our entire mailing list re-inviting people to the church.

3.   Having two options (9:30 and 11:15) gives us a better opportunity to catch people in their complex schedules.

4.  The option to have some people “Worship one, Serve one” has allowed us to do more ministry.  Offering two distinct children experiences, continuing our Christian Growth class, Men’s Bible Study and a Youth class has allowed more opportunity for people’s needs to be met.

Please pray with me that God will help us continue this positive momentum, so we can continue to reach people for Christ.

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