Christian Music Industry Shows its out of Touch with Local Church

I was disappointed when I read in the newspaper that the Dove Awards (Christian Music’s most prestigious award ceremony) will be held on Wednesday, April 21, 2010.    The Christian Music industry demonstrates in this schedule  a great disregard about it’s local fan base in Middle Tennessee which attends Wednesday night church.  I know there is nothing sacred or Biblical about Wednesday night church, but you would think a struggling Christian music industry would want to recognize the cultural customs of their most important audience.  This is especially true of teenagers who attend weekly youth services that overwhelmingly take place on Wednesday nights.

The Christian music industry was a big part of my discipleship process when I was growing up, so I desire to see it succeed.   However, young people today are not going to automatically listen to music because it is “Christian” like my generation did.   Instead, the artists must create a fan base by personal involvement that create bonds with fans.   Christian artist can’t expect to “produce it, and they will listen.”   Instead, they need to build bridges with local churches again that will make their music more meaningful at the grass-roots.   This small decision to have the Dove Awards on Wednesday afternoon (4:00 pm) is indicative of a larger issue – the Christian music industry is out of touch with the local church.

6 thoughts on “Christian Music Industry Shows its out of Touch with Local Church

  1. J.Anne

    Maybe Wednesday is the cheapest night to rent the Opry House. GMA is bankrupt as it is. There are theories that the Doves will take on a new form within a new outlet in the future. And frankly the Doves and the industry are out of touch with everything and everyone anyway, not just the local church.

  2. Cindy Lee

    Aaron, I must say that this industry has been in a downward spiral for years. I have been very disappointed more times than I care to count. Working in it day in & day out, I can tell you that both GMA & CBA have gone through major developments in the last 6 months to a year, with some shocking changes & decisions from financial difficulties to the higher ups resigning their positions on both boards. I know CBA has gone from ending on Thursday to ending on Wednesday this past year as a way to cut cost. As long as I’ve worked in the industry, the Dove Awards have been on a Thursday, as a wrap-up to a week-long convention; & this is just one more way to cut GMA week by a day, & end on Wednesday with the awards show instead of Thursday. A lot of industry professionals will ascend on Nashville the weekend before & be here all week, as this is just another convention to attend this year. It is sad to see; but, having attended the awards in the past, I have found that I would much rather record it & watch it later. The view is much better from the angle of the t.v. Hopefully, a lot of us locals will do the same. 🙂

  3. Good article. The big issue is this.. why does the CCM industry create and elevate idols instead of equipping servants? Nothing wrong with a pat on the back for a job well done, but these artists are simply puppets of the CCM machine.

    The music reformation is here, and indie is trendy!

  4. Thanks for your insights Jackie.

    Cindy, your explanations makes the Wednesday night schedule make a little more sense.

    Keith, I agree with you. There is nothing wrong with honoring people’s gifts, but we should beware of “crossing the line” into idolization. This is true for pastor-personalities too.

  5. Coach Steve

    Wisdom from Coach Steve here hahaha

    Don’t get me wrong I love todays music but as a classicaly trained musician I also recognize that the early hymn writers like for instance J.S. Bach wrote for one reason and one reason only. The worship of our Lord. There were no Dove awards or other ways to get national recognition. They didn’t care about album sales, market analysis, awards or concert ticket sales and merchandising.

    They wrote music directly to God. I think some of the artist today are more concerned with the money and business side of things and after awhile that tends to be the force that drives a person or group. Maybe we could learn a thing or two by looking back at why the famous hymns are still around after 100-200 years. There is a reason for that.

    Great stuff!

  6. Good to hear from you Steve! We are venturing past basketball in this discussion – big step!

    Writing music to God is the highest call and the highest reward. I agree, we could learn a lot by looking back.

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