Rupp Arena Falls Short In One Area

As a sports enthusiast, my trip to Rupp Arena (where the Kentucky Wildcats play their home basketball), met all expectations.  A big thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law Debbie for giving us her season tickets (fantastic seats!)

– The fans were loud and enthusiastic, yet classy
– The arena oozed with history
– The atmosphere was basketball-focused – a sophisticated basketball crowd.
– The athletes were incredible
– Patrick Patterson (my favorite Wildcat) had 23 points
– The uniquely talented DeMarcus Cousins dominated as usual
– The acrobats of John Wall were fun to watch
– And Downy (#2) for South Carolina, displayed amazing skills

So even though Rupp met my expectations (and I look forward to returning), here is where it fell short . . .

There is nothing in the world, like being with God’s people in His presence!  No earthly experience compares to that!