Rupp Arena Falls Short In One Area

As a sports enthusiast, my trip to Rupp Arena (where the Kentucky Wildcats play their home basketball), met all expectations.  A big thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law Debbie for giving us her season tickets (fantastic seats!)

– The fans were loud and enthusiastic, yet classy
– The arena oozed with history
– The atmosphere was basketball-focused – a sophisticated basketball crowd.
– The athletes were incredible
– Patrick Patterson (my favorite Wildcat) had 23 points
– The uniquely talented DeMarcus Cousins dominated as usual
– The acrobats of John Wall were fun to watch
– And Downy (#2) for South Carolina, displayed amazing skills

So even though Rupp met my expectations (and I look forward to returning), here is where it fell short . . .

There is nothing in the world, like being with God’s people in His presence!  No earthly experience compares to that!

One thought on “Rupp Arena Falls Short In One Area

  1. Frank Burgess

    Based on your lead in, I was poised to argue vehemently against your position, but I can find no fault. I agree wholeheartedly.

    I believe Mr. Patterson has allowed the children to lead the parade long enough. Looks like he is ready to assert his position on the team and it should be really fun to watch.

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