Things I am excited about right now . . .

– Our women’s conference this weekend (March 5 – 6) is going to energize and refresh the ladies of CIL.

– Winter will end this weekend (we hope!)

– Intercessory Prayer in the sanctuary will start each Friday at 10:00 a.m. beginning March 12th.

– It’s the first year my two boys will watch March Madness.  They are hooked already, and they don’t even know exactly what it is.

– Sixteen years ago, Julie Richard was one of the most effective youth pastor’s wives I have ever seen, so I know she will impact our ladies while speaking at this weekend’s Women’s Conference.  She’s a pastor’s wife now at Lake Hills Church ( in Austin.

The Swell Season is performing at the Ryman on May 18th.

– We have had a great sign up for the Lawn Care ministry.

– Spring Break is two weeks this year for Sumner County kids.  Yeah!

– I have time to mow my yard this year (ok, less than excited about that)

– The Exit Seven Youth are surging.

– I am forgiven of my sins!

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