The Last Week of Jesus – Monday

As we prepare for Easter Sunday, I want you to journey through the last week of Jesus’ pre-resurrected life.

On Monday, Jesus cleared the Temple of merchants and currency exchangers  (Mark 11:15-17).

Jesus became angry when he saw how merchants were taking advantage of the Passover holiday to overcharge out of town visitors for sacrificial animals, and inflate the exchange rate for the temple currency.  It was blatant extortion.

If Jesus was to look into your heart today (“The Temple”), would he be angry?   Has Christianity become something in your life that God never intended it to be?

Let Jesus clear out “the temple” in your life today.  As he overturns tables of pride and insincerity, fall in love again with who He is.   Simple devotion to the son of God is the essence of Christianity.  Nothing else matters more.