The last week of Jesus – Friday

Growing up I loved Good Friday because it was another day off of school.  I was supposed to be reflective on Christ’s sacrifice that day, but I was just thrilled to watch Leave it to Beaver and Gomer Pyle on syndication.

Each year I age, the depth of the cross sinks deeper in my heart.    The events of Friday started at midnight, as Jesus was accused throughout the night.   Being falsely accused is so exhausting.  Add to this the mocking and torture techniques, and its just overwhelming.   By mid-day on Friday, it was simply an absurd scene of  a group mob.  Giving into animalistic instincts, people were actually enjoying the misery of this gentle man.

I think I will reflect on the death of Jesus the rest of my life, and discover new things constantly, yet never fully comprehend it.  This morning I went through the “Stations of the Cross” by myself at our church.  I am carrying in my pocket right now a small cross that I picked up at Station #9 that reminds me that I am not living for Aaron anymore, but I have died and been resurrected with Christ.    His pain and suffering, for my sin.   I’ll be reconciling this truth with my heart the rest of my life.

I look forward to reflecting on this more with you at tonight’s Good Friday service.   We will sing, remember, take communion and thank Him.   I hope to see you tonight at 7:00 p.m.

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