District Council – The Challenge to Change

If you have no interest in the Assemblies of God, feel free to skip this entry.

While District Council had some positive aspects, there were some major issues that emerged during the business meetings last week.
I was part of a group of pastors who proposed legislation at District Council in the attempt to change some dynamics in our district.  These changes were voted down handily.

This reminded me of Jesus’ parables of the patch and the wineskin (Mark 2:21-23).

I am not stating that the new is good, and the old is bad (or vice versa).  The point of these parables are clear – old paradigms and new paradigms are not compatible.

At the Tennessee District Council it became clear that two groups of ministers have two different paradigms, and they are not compatible.   Each group had deep conviction that they were in the right, and there was very little to compromise on.

Two facts immerged from our floor discussions:

#1 Organizations must change or die.

#2  Not all changes are good.

So take your pick.   I can respect those who differ with me because they disagree with specific changes.   However, to make no changes is naïve and irresponsible.    Our movement is in negative decline, so there must be some kind of change or the inevitable will occur.