Evangelism Team Report

Pastor David gave a great sermon on evangelism on Sunday.  If you didn’t hear it, click here to listen to it on itunes.  David reminded us that the typical person needs seven gospel presentations before they’re ready to give their life to Christ.

The greatest part of the sermon was its application that afternoon.  Our Evangelism Team went out that afternoon for their first outreach since the weather warmed.    I admire this group so much, as their willingness to witness truly touches my soul.   Here are two reports from the members that I want you to celebrate with me:

Report #1
Our prayers were answered in that we encountered several (approximately 6 or 7) people who were not saved. None of these people received Jesus but were obviously moved by the Holy Spirit as we preached the Gospel to them.   A few others were saved but were given clarity on how and why they were saved.   We also prayed for a couple of people – a ninety-year-old lady for more strength and vitality and a middle aged man who had heart issues and was on a heart transplant list.   In summary, good seed was planted and watered. We are grateful to the people who prayed for us in the church.

Report #2
. . the best news was from a team member that reported that a 12 years old boy she shared the good news with prayed to receive Jesus. All the angels in heaven are rejoicing. Please keep (this young man) in your prayers for a TRUE relationship with Jesus and much growth in Him.

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