Are You Ready for The Next Level?

The Next Level is a campaign we are starting at CIL based on Scott Wilson‘s book!   We’ll take a look at men and women of the Bible to see how they faced challenges and tests of all kinds. In some cases they trusted God and passed with flying colors, but some failed miserably.   All of these stories teach us important lessons about how to face the difficulties of our lives and move to “The Next Level”.

We are asking you to do 3 things that will help you reach The Next Level.

1.  Attend each Sunday to hear messages on The Next Level.

2.  Join a 242 Group for the “summer schedule” that starts the weekend of May 1-2.

3.  Purchase and read The Next Level book by Scott Wilson.  Starting May 9, we will read through this book in 31 easy, daily readings during the campaign.   I will be posting my thoughts on the readings on this blog, as I read thought the book with you.

If you buy the book at CIL, each hard-back book cost $15.  Buy one for yourself, and another for a friend who is going through a hard time.

If you don’t come to CIL, but still want to go on this journey with us, you can purchase a book by clicking here.  We don’t start until May 9th, so if you order in the next few days your book will get to you by the 9th.

Let’s go to the next level together!

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