The Comparison Test

“Comparison Kills.”   This is one of the most profound statements of this chapter.  In Cain and Abel’s story, this is literally true.

Today is Day #2 (Monday, May 10) 0f our reading of The Next Level.  Today we look at “The Comparison Test (Cain and Abel).”

Let me tell you a secret about pastors:  we really struggle with this test.  Most pastors have a huge temptation to compare themselves to their colleagues.   This isn’t helpful, and it’s not the will of God.

You may have heard this phrase from someone else, but my pastor John McKinzie often reminds me, “Don’t compare what you know about yourself, with what you don’t know about somebody else.”   Comparison is so deceiving, yet we are lured by it’s whispers over and over.

When comparison rules our lives, we get joy from the wrong places: by beating others at the game instead of experiencing the pure delight of celebrating other’s accomplishments (p. 31).”

When we resist the urge to compare, than we are free to compliment.   In my life, I feel like I pass this test most of the time.  However, I must always examine my heart, because the danger of comparison will seep into my heart at any moment.

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