The Pure Heart Test

The thing we want most from God has the potential of  becoming too precious to us (p.44).”   Abraham was tested when God told him to sacrifice his miracle son Isaac.   Why would God provide a miracle, than ask us to destroy it?   God has to mean more to us than our miracle.   Today is day #4 of The Next Level, and we are reading about “The Pure Heart Test” that Abraham went through.

A little over two years ago I was part of a miracle when God propelled my ministry forward by years through a church merge.   In one week, I was leading a church double in size and with an essentially brand new facility.   This was an unlikely occurrence that can only be credited to God.

Even though this was an incredible miracle, I can’t hold this congregation or facility tightly in my grasp.  It is God’s church, and these are His people.  On a regular basis I will tell God (but remind myself), “This is Yours . . . The church, the building, the people.”   Keeping a pure heart is a continual process.   I pray both you and I pass every test so our hearts remain pure.

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