Whitten Benefit Concert & Auction

On Thursday night, CIL hosted a fund-raiser that was a huge success!!!  It was wonderful to see our neighborhood come together for a night of celebration and unity.   I enjoyed the entertainment from Jonnie Wettington and Dave Maze, as well as all the singers.  And what talent those students had!  From the choir to the art pieces, it was clear that Whitten Elementary has an amazing group of students.

When Ray Carman auctioned off all the art pieces, I was shocked at all the generous bids!

We raised $6,7 000 for flood victims!

The Obedience Test

When I read about how Saul failed miserably at the Obedience Test, it makes me take notice of my life.  Even though Saul was king, he was not above obedience.   No matter where you are in life, obedience is the key to pleasing God.   As you read on day #13, I hope you choose obedience with every choice.

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