The Humility Test

How many times does God ask us to do things that we may consider “beneath” us (p.123)?”   Whenever we feel “too good” to do a job, we may have let pride establish a home in our hearts.   I think that efficiency is important.   As a senior pastor, I ask the question to myself often, “What can I do today for the church that no one else can?” This question helps me prioritize my schedule for message preparation and vision casting.  However, thia does not mean I am too good to do a common task.  In fact, I think it is healthy for leaders to roll up their sleeves on a regular basis, I participate in the manual tasks that often are taken for granted.  That is why I loved the story of the bank president who spends time each week with the custodians or in the mail room (p.125).   The humility test is one we need to pass on a daily basis to truly follow Christ’s example.

Watch Scott Wilson’s video blog on Day  #17 by clicking here.

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