The Next Level Memorial Day Update

On this Memorial Day, we are on Day #23 of The Next Level book.

– “The Confusion Test” was a sobering reminder of the story of Job.   Like Job, we can be confused when the circumstances of life are negative.   Yet, the story is never over for those of us who are believers.   Scott Wilson wrote, “The story of Job is the grad school of testing . . . .When we experience confusion, we enroll in the grad school of testing (p. 144, 148).”   Day #21 reminds us that if you’re confused, God hasn’t forgotten you!

– “The Yes Test” was the sermon my wife Beth preached about on Mother’s Day.   She gave an excellent sermon on Day #22, that you can listen to at the CIL pod cast for May 9, 2010.   To access CIL sermons, click here.

– “The Out-of-the-Box Test” is the day #23 focus.   There are several examples in the Bible of how Peter operated outside of this tradition and experience.   If we are going to completely follow God, there are times we will be tested in this way also.  I pray you and I both are ready for anything God calls us to do.

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