The Contentment Test

Solomon‘s haunting book called “Ecclesiastes“ is a writing we should all refer to about once every four months.  I think Ecclesiastes should be renamed “Reality Check.”   Solomon had everything money can buy, but he discovered through “The Contentment Test” that happiness comes through what money cannot buy.

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The Waiting Test

Life really  is a “waiting test.”   It seems like we are always waiting for the next holiday, the next opportunity, the next stage of life.  There must be something very special about waiting that God uses to mold us.   As American Christians, we have become very impatient.   I love this quote by an African pastor: “Many Christians in America want a ‘drive thru’ revival – they want in now, they want it big (supersized), and they want it cheap (on the dollar menu) (p. 104).”    I pray we both have the patience God wants us to – and pass this test!

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Whitten Benefit Concert & Auction

On Thursday night, CIL hosted a fund-raiser that was a huge success!!!  It was wonderful to see our neighborhood come together for a night of celebration and unity.   I enjoyed the entertainment from Jonnie Wettington and Dave Maze, as well as all the singers.  And what talent those students had!  From the choir to the art pieces, it was clear that Whitten Elementary has an amazing group of students.

When Ray Carman auctioned off all the art pieces, I was shocked at all the generous bids!

We raised $6,7 000 for flood victims!

The Obedience Test

When I read about how Saul failed miserably at the Obedience Test, it makes me take notice of my life.  Even though Saul was king, he was not above obedience.   No matter where you are in life, obedience is the key to pleasing God.   As you read on day #13, I hope you choose obedience with every choice.

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The “Thin Skin” Test

Last Sunday I preached on not getting trapped by “offenses.”   Today’s reading (Day #12) is the “Thin Skin Test.”   For some of us, being thick skinned is very hard.  In fact, when I walk closely with the Holy Spirit, I have found myself more sensitive to people opinions and actions also.   I am learning to live out an important paradox:  “I need to be thick skinned, and tender hearted.”   This is a challenge!   However, experience, wisdom and perspective will help all of us achieve these two contradictory qualities at the same time.

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The Image Management Test

“Label and expectations can get us off track (p. 86).”    When we live only for the eyes of others, we can forget how to be authentic.   God wants us to be true to who He made us, and true to His active leadership.  This means admitting to mistakes and sin when we fall in those traps.  Eli was more concerned about his son’s reputation, so he ignored their obvious sin.  In the end it cost both Eli and his sons more than they could have ever imagined.   When your test comes, choose God’s standards over your image management.

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The Submission Test

If Samson would’ve been more submissive to the Lord, what could he have done for the Kingdom of God?   “God gave Samson great strength, but too often, he used it for selfish purposes: for sex, to intimidate, to marry a foreign woman (or two), and to get revenge at every turn (p. 79).”   We all have some form of power from God that is meant for His purposes.   If we don’t continually submit this to him, we will misuse this power in the same way Samson did.

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