The Heart-of-the-Matter Test

As we read about the rich young ruler, we discover we are no different from him.  All of us “have something that we want to cling to, to trust in, and to give us an identity.  For many years God may not shine his light on those things.  He lets us wander along with “two minds” and “competing hearts,” but if we’re really serious about following him, sooner or later the bright light of this love points out the one thing that competes with his rightful place in the center of our hearts (p. 179).”

I have followed Christ all my life, but I am just now discovering the benefit of my longevity.  I always think I love God solely, but at each stage of life I realize how little of my heart has been His.  I pray that each year I walk with the Lord that my heart becomes more and more His.   Let’s not be like this young man who spoke with Jesus, and keep that “one thing” from surrendering our hearts completely to Him.

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