Tithing – Gross or Net?

I responded to an e-mail earlier today that asked me if we should tithe on the “gross” or “net” of our salary.  After I responded, I decided it would be beneficial for us all ponder this subject.  Read below, and let me know your thoughts.  And prepare for a dissertation from all our anti-tithing friends in cyberspace – 🙂


I thank God for the opportunity to tithe, as it has been a blessing in my life.  God has attached his blessing to the tithe, but as New Testament Christians we should strive to exceed that.   It’s a matter of our heart.  When we give our tithe and beyond, it connects are heart to God.

I personally believe I should tithe on my gross salary.    However, there isn’t necessarily a “law” that requires us to tithe on the gross.   We are not under the law, so if a person that starts out tithing only on the net is still doing a good thing that God will honor.  The heart of the matter is not “getting by” with giving the least we “have to”, but to have a lifestyle that continues to give us much as we can.