What Makes or Breaks a Leader? Trust.

I just read the book Trust by Les Csorba, and it was like a refreshing drink of leadership water.  Csorba is a leading corporate recruiter who has served in both Bush administrations.   It also is clear from the beginning of the book that Csorba is a Christian, as he references truths from the Bible with great ease and confidence.

This book came out in 2004, so I’m a little bit behind in reading it.  At times you are reminded that this book was written before Hurricane Katrina, the Obama administration and the near collapse of the US economy in 2008.   However, the leadership truths are timeless, and Csorba describes them with brilliance.

I heard Csorba speak at Spur Leadership last year in Austin, and his book has been on my shelf for some time.   I felt Holy Spirit leading me to the book, and it became apparent in the introduction that the writing was exactly what I needed in my personal life.   If every leader lived out the premise of this book, our nation would be much stronger.

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