Teenagers home safe with new passion

Our teenagers returned home Monday night from their summer camp, called “The Getaway” in Panama City, Florida.   All came back healthy, with new spiritual vigor.  I am very excited about how God can use this camp experience to add spiritual passion in our church.  I am so proud of the leadership of David and Margie Huff.  Here is part of a report from Margie:

It was raining. The students were waiting outside the door under a pavilion watching the rain come down. They sang and cheered. They were pumped and ready for God to move. We opened the doors and they ran in the rain into the building. Worship had already began. They filled the room with adoration and love towards Jesus. And Jesus filled the room with His Spirit . . . Our students literally filled the entire room with dancing and worship towards Him. I have never in my life seen anything like it. The presence of God was so sweet. No one taught them what to do. No one showed the students how God’s presence was suppose to make them feel and act. Some had never even seen God move in this manner. It was organic and genuine. I am honored to be a part of this. – Margie Huff

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