Can Good Come From Gulf Crisis?

Can God make something good come out of this gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico?  For those directly affected by this environmental catastrophe, I can understand their doubt (I’m not talking about the vacationers . . . I’m referring to the property owners, hotel and restaurant employees, fisherman and others whose lives intertwine with the Gulf).

This tragedy can’t be blamed on God.  Our complex world led to the unnatural task of  drilling thousands of feet underwater to help satisfy our thirst for oil.   How can God work through this self-inflicted wound?

I am praying for humility.  I pray that the engineers and officials at BP won’t rely on their own wisdom and training, but will be humble enough to turn to God for wisdom from above.  I am praying that our government leaders will humble themselves to seek God for the welfare of the citizens, the Gulf Coast economy, the shoreline and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  I am praying that we will solve the problem first, instead of wasting energy on hearings and inquiries before the pipe stop gushing.

I pray the church will rise to the occasion in that region.  I pray that salvation will come to people through an awful experience.   May we all be humbled and learn that we need God.

One thought on “Can Good Come From Gulf Crisis?

  1. Chris Lannom

    Well said Pastor Aaron. In my prospective, not only in the over building of condos along those beaches, but the rush to get this oil rig up – both were speed to greed.
    The gulf has some of the most beautiful beaches and water. I pray that God can help save His beautiful creations not only with the water, beaches but the dying wildlife as well as the innocent people that live there. Sad sad sad.

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