Honoring Veterans – Gimmick or Heart?

Every Memorial Day and July 4th weekend churches can use patriotism as a tool to get people to attend church.  As a marketing tool this is a good idea.   Up to now, our programming team at CIL has chosen not to overemphasize an American-based holiday during those services, but I understand why churches do so.

Our veterans need more than recognition twice a year, they need consistent friendship.  This is why I am so impressed with the Compassion Team of CIL (see Darlene & Ellen in pic), and their monthly outreach to the veterans of the Sumner County Veterans Home in Gallatin.  This small team provides lunch on a Sunday afternoon each month, and they have been building a friendship with the residents.

The lunch happens on the 4th Sunday of each month.   The next one occurs on Sunday, September 26th around 2 p.m.   If you want to find out more details about this outreach let me know, and I’ll connect you with our leaders.

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