Sunday Re-Cap (10.24.10)

Every Sunday we have together is so special!

I loved the song Beth introduced today – “Name of Jesus” by Chardon Lewis.    I’ve been singing this all day long!

There is power in the name
Theres healing in the name of Jesus, Jesus

I preached a message from I Kings 14:1-6, called Disguise.   In the 10:45 service, we had a unique time of prayer over some leaders in our church, then Jay Edgerton lad a prayer over me and David.  Such a sweet time for all!

Beth and I had lunch with a new couple in the church.  It’s always nice to hear a newcomers perspective.   I was encourage to hear that this family felt the activity of the Holy Spirit within our services.

I finished up the evening at a 242 Group in which we discussed our “spiritual gifts” and “call.”

I’m so glad to be part of a church family!

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