Staff Day Apart a Success!

On Monday, we had our annual Staff Day Apart (formerly known as Staff Retreat).  Trying to trim the budget this year, we decided not to stay over night, but spent the day away from the office.  The purpose of this day is team-building, vision casting and planning the 2011 Calendar.

Started the day with breakfast in Nashville at the Pancake Pantry, which has become a tradition that Beth, Penny and DeAnna insist upon.  In an ironic occurrence, we ran into the staff of Indian Lake, which is a church located a mile down the road from us in Hendersonville.   I already knew a couple of their staff, but it was good to meet the rest of those guys.

We spent the rest of the day at the Caleb Quarters at Belmont Church.   The nice folks there provided a wonderful, homey environment for us to work.

We ended the day with dinner at PF Changs in West End, which is always delicious in a classy atmosphere.

Even though the day was effective and we enjoyed its brevity, I missed having a two day retreat.  I’ll probably propose the “retreat” model for next October’s get away.  We may do another day event like this in the spring, since we have found such a nice place to meet.

What a great team Beth and I get to serve with!  They are all treasures to us, and a delight to work with.

Car Give Away on Sunday – A Gift, Not a Promo

Guest Blogger:  Beth Allison

I can’t stop thinking about the look on Anne Watson’s face as she was presented with the keys to a Cadillac Seville on Sunday at church.  She was shocked, humbled, thankful.  I keep seeing her in my mind as she dropped her head and leaned into Charles.  It was just so sweet and I know the heavens were rejoicing with all of us.  I’m so thankful to have been there for that moment.  I didn’t have a thing to do with getting them that vehicle, and yet the Lord saw fit to allow us to be there to see their reaction.

Charles and Anne had their house hit by the flood back in May.  Both cars were swept away/damaged beyond repair.  Their house was badly damaged – they just recently were able to move back in.  If you know anything about the Watson’s, you know what TRUE servants they are.  They were one of the first couples to join us when we started Sumner Life, and they selflessly give of their time and resources to further the kingdom on a daily basis.  To be quite honest, there’s just no way I could even begin to sit here and list all of the things they do.  We probably don’t even KNOW the half of it!!!

So, when a group of people from another state that don’t even know the Watsons took up an offering and sent it to CIL, Aaron knew where the money needed to go.

Several things have happened recently to make being without a reliable car even more difficult for them.  Anne’s brother has cancer and she’s been traveling to help take care of him, and then the car they were being loaned got hit by another car and totaled.

A few weeks ago, Aaron saw Anne out in the parking lot and she exclaimed that she KNEW that the Lord was going to take care of them and provide a vehicle.  I’m sure it took a lot of restraint for him not to tell her that INDEED a vehicle was already on it’s way!!!!!

How special and wonderful that the faithfulness and generosity of others far away (who want to remain anonymous!!!!) could be the answer to the prayers of these precious servants of God!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!  God is so good!  And a big thanks to Paul Jackson for finding just the right car for them!!!!

Here is a picture (in case you missed it when I posted it on Sunday) of Charles and Anne standing in front of their new car!!!  We love you, Charles and Anne!!!

GOD IS SO GOOD!!!! Thanks to the generosity of others, we were able to present Charles & Anne Watson with a car after theirs was destroyed in the flood!!! They were shocked, overwhelmed and THANKFUL!!!