Thanksgiving Weekend Review

What a beautiful few days!  My sister Shelby (and her husband Scott) were incredible and generous host for us as we spent a few days at their home in Frisco, Texas (suburb of Dallas).   We are still not used to Mom living there (instead of Nashville), but we were thrilled to spend time with Mom / Mimi.  I relaxed so much, that I read 2 books, and will probably finish a third tomorrow.

It was great to spend the holiday with my family from Houston.  My Uncle Richard is such a neat person, and so interesting to talk with.  His wife, Lora Allison, is a minister, so it was good to talk with her about ministry stuff.  You can check out her web-site at

My cousin Richard is one of my favorite people in the world to talk with.   Richard and I can talk about anything at any time, and we did!  He has a beautiful family also!

With everyone’s children, we had seven children under age ten, which made our time lively and special.

Still, I’m so glad to be home!   I’m ready for a great December at CIL !

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