Review of Big Week

Last Sunday, CIL voted to leave the Assemblies of God network.   While I love the Assemblies of God, our church is represented by many different denominational backgrounds.  This is not a change, but a reflection of who God has already made us.  We still look forward to enthusiastically supporting our missionaries that are associated with the AG.

Tuesday, I resigned my credential as an Assemblies of God minister.   I’ll write more on that decision in a few weeks.  After fourteen great years of being credentialed with the AG, I am happy for this new era of my ministry.   My ordination now lies solely with The Church at Indian Lake.

Wednesday (December 8), we had Christian comedian Jonnie Wethington perform during our mid-week service.  Now, I love Jonnie’s ministry, but I was surprised how well received he was at CIL.  It was an overwhelming success.  I appreciate Jonnie’s friendship, so it was great to have him at CIL.

Today’s service was sweet, worshipful and Jesus-centered.   I was so pleased with how many came out with snow in the forecast (that usually panic southerners – both Texans and Tennesseans).  As a church we are learning to worship with more focus.  This is not just about music, but our attitude during the entire service.   It feels good to mature together.

Tonight, our Kid’s Christmas Musical was cancelled due to weather.   While I hate to cancel anything, I look forward to extra time with the family tonight.

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