Do You Lift Your Hands in Worship?

As a Jr. High student, lifting my hands in worship was an act of courage.   I remember closing my eyes, and debating with myself whether I should take this bold step.   The Holy Spirit was nudging me to lift my hands during the song, but I knew this step could effect my reputation and social opportunities.   I did lift my hands during that song, and I experienced a connection with my heavenly Father that was sweet and powerful.  I’ve been lifting my hands in worship ever sense.

Though this is my experience, I don’t lift my hands in worship because of an experience.  I have since discovered that the lifting of hands in worship is not just a preference or an expression of ones personality, but its a Biblical directive.

This Sunday (December 19), I will be teaching on “Lifting Our Hands in Worship” as part of our series Opportunity, Not Obligation.  I cannot wait to share with you some truths from the Bible that will lift the value of this wonderful expression.  Christmas is about worship, and learning to lift your hands before the Lord in worship may be one of the greatest Christmas gifts you could return to  the Lord.

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