A Special Sunday

It’s rare that you experience a service where every hand is lifted before the Lord.  I’m pretty sure that happened in both our 9:00 & 10:45 services.   I spoke on “Lifting Your Hands in Worship” and people responded to this Biblical directive.   I don’t write this to brag about our congregation or our worship.  I write this in joy, because God deserves it!  I’ll share the content of the teaching in tomorrow‘s blog.
On Sunday night our Kid’s Choir performed their re-scheduled performance.  These children were so sweet, talented and loving!   It was nice to move this performance to a Sunday night.  Even though lots of relatives created a huge Sunday morning attendance in past years, we found that it didn’t serve the purposes we desired for either the performance or the congregation.  Moving it to a Sunday night created the family event for those who desired to participate.

In between the morning service and the Kid’s Choir performance, I took the boys to their first Titan game.   We had a great time, and the Titans snapped a 6 game losing streak.  Still, the enthusiasm of competition didn’t compare to the exhilaration of worshipping God with my church family.

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