Moleskine and TCU

Have you considered using a journal as you go through the New Testament this year?  This has been one of the best exercises for me in Bible reading.   There are no rules to this, just write what you want to, when you feel like it.  It may be a response to the Scripture.  It may be a phrase in the passage, that you re-write.  It may be a question – I have lots of those when I read the Bible.  With the 5 x 5 x 5 Plan that we are using, there will be five days of reflection each month that a journal will be very useful for.

Grab a simple spiral notebook at the store, and give it a shot.  For those of you who want to invest in a nicer journal, I use a Moleskines notebook that I usually get at Barnes & Noble.

We have well over 100 people participating in the 2011 New Testament Bible Reading, and I believe we can reach 200 by the end of next week.  We’ll give a good push for this at CIL this Sunday.

On a different note, I am very excited about TCU playing in the Rose Bowl this afternoon.  My grandpa, who I adored, played football and basketball for TCU in the 1930’s.   We used to go to TCU football games in the 1980’s when they were horrible.   I never dreamed the team would be this good, much less play in a Rose Bowl.  I’ll be thinking of my grandpa today, and rooting on the Horned Frogs!

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