“Daniel Fast” Day 1 – Tough Start

Being “snowed in” and having the College Football National Championship game on TV makes for a tough day to start the “Daniel Fast.”  However, it actually get’s better from here!  In the next couple of days, your body will stop craving the fried foods, caffeine and sugar.  Instead, you will be energized, and better able to focus on worship and prayer.

Tonight may be a great chance for you to write down what you want God to accomplish during the fast.   When your tempted to give in, focusing on what you are praying for – this will help you.  I know all of us a part of CIL are praying for the Holy Spirit to do a great work in our church in 2011.   We desire to see the lost come in relationship with Christ, and for all of us to know him better.  Remember, we exist to Know His Love, Share His Love.

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