Weekend Review

I was really touched by our Marriage Panel during the “Marathon Marriage” service.  At my 242 Group, we spent time debriefing over what we learned from this panel with well over 200 years of marriage experience!  I was impressed with the honesty and transparency of this panel.  It took a lot of courage for these participants to honestly share their stories, but we all are wiser from learning from them.

I participated in the 20th Anniversary service for Maury and Gail Davis at Cornerstone Church.   I worked at Cornerstone Church for seven years over a ten year period.  I learned so much professionally from Pastor Davis, and have life long friends among the staff and congregation members.   One of the highlights of the weekend was hearing Beth showcase her incredible voice through a song she used to sing in the late Nineties.   It was a fun weekend, but it was really tough to miss the 10:45 service at CIL.   I felt really misplaced during that hour.


Valentine’s Message for Singles (Re-Post)

If you’re single, don’t feel like you are missing out on Valentines.  God has a plan for your life, and it very well could include a future marriage.  However, your life is great with or without a mate.  God has a plan for you as an individual, and today is the day to embrace that.

So many people who have married simply to have a spouse, and have not waited for a good mate, have regretted their short-sited decision.   It’s much worse to be in a bad marriage then it is to have temporary times of loneliness as a single.  If you do marry someday, you will look back on all the wasted energy you spent fretting over your singleness with regret.  In fact, there may be some days you will actually miss the solitude and simplicity of being single.  Singleness is a gift, not a disease.

So whether your single or married, let’s make this Valentines about God.   As we realize that He is the fulfillment of our deepest desires, then our current or future romantic love will mean more!