Weekend Review at CIL

What great services we had on Sunday!  I thank God for our incredible worship team.  Jonathan Lee did an amazing  job leading worship, and Beth Allison picked the perfect song at the end of the sermon as usual.   Penny Cowart Simms was supposed to have a rare Sunday off, but she was leading worship for our 4.6 Experience (4th – 6th Grade).   I so appreciate Penny’s passion for our pre-teens to grow in worship.

I enjoyed teaching on Water Baptism in a message called United, as it is important we don’t let this value drift.  Water Baptism is so important to God!

As good as the two services were, the greatness of a church is in what happens outside the service.  As usual we had some significant activities this weekend.  They include:

4.6 Activity (Progressive Dinner): We continue to target this group of kids, as they are at a great age for faith development and relational bonding.  This group of pre-teens will develop an incredible youth group over the next seven years.

Lifetime (Age 50+) Valentines Dinner: This important “affinity group” comprises of some of the greatest people I know.  Thank you Harold and Phyllis for your leadership!

Men’s Weekly Bible Study, Sunday at 8:00 a.m.:  I am so impressed with this small group of men who meet early to go deeper spiritually.

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