John McKinzie at CIL Tonight

My long-time mentor and best friend John McKinzie is in town, and he’ll be speaking at tonight’s service at CIL.  John and I have been great friends for 24 years, and he currently serves as an Overseer for CIL.   If you don’t usually attend Wednesday night service, make a special effort to attend tonight.

On Thursday, we have pastors from around the area coming to CIL for a Pastor’s Roundtable.   John McKinzie will be sharing and we will have plenty of time for Q&A and discussion.  The purpose of this gathering is to let pastors network and encourage one another.   I know a lot of ministers look forward to attending this, so I am really happy are church is providing this ministry.

I was very proud of our Compassion Ministries for their work with the homeless last night.  We support monthly The Bridge Ministry, which is lead by Kent and Candy Christmas.  I have preached several times for this ministry.   I am so glad that our Compassion Team was able to put some volunteer hours behind this great ministry.  Thank you Pastor Kim Driver for your leadership on this!


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