Ten Reasons this was a good weekend

1.  The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast was a great success!  About 30 guys came to a 7:00 a.m. Saturday meeting.
2.  My daughter Abbey sang at the Merrol Hyde Talent Show.  She was incredible!  Quite a talent at age 10!
3.  My mother-in-law Peggy visited from eastern Kentucky.  Unlike cultural stereo-types, I love spending time with my mother-in-law.
4.  Sandeep, a friend of mine who converted from Hinduism to Christianity, was baptized Sunday morning.
5.  Six people were baptized on Sunday
6.  The energy in our services were high.  Lots of new faces and lots of enthusiasm.
7. Being at my 242 Group was like hanging out with a bunch of close friends.  So fun!  So inspiring.
8. The “Italian” theme for food at 242 was delicious.  In two weeks we will have Irish food to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day.  Suggestions for Irish food?
9. Both Vanderbilt and Kentucky got wins on Saturday.
10.  The temperature hit 70 degrees.

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