Reasons I want the NFL Lockout this Fall

In case you didn’t know, today the labor agreement between NFL owners and players expires.  If a new deal is not agreed upon today, there is a high probability that all or some of the 2011 NFL season will be missed.  To read more about this, click here.

I’m a life-long football fan, but here are some reasons I want the NFL to strike this Fall:

1. So there will be more touch football games at the park.

2. So a church service can go past noon without football fans getting antsy.

3. To see the modern-day “temples of excess” (aka NFL stadiums) empty on one of their eight “holy days” each year.   That especially includes the monstrosity in Arlington, TX.

4. So Fantasy Football players can discover there was another reason for the creation of the internet.

5. To see less 35 plus year old men wearing the jerseys of 23 year old athletes.

6. To give Thanksgiving more meaning

7. So more attention is given to high school football, where athletics is more appropriate.

8. To take away the advertising platform for Budweiser, Miller Light, Coors and

9.  To avoid the terrible pop culture cross-over concerts on Opening Weekend, Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl.

10. To help all of us football fans to remember that there is more depth to life than a silly football game.

4 thoughts on “Reasons I want the NFL Lockout this Fall

  1. steve davis

    love it man! isn’t it so true though?
    is this something that America needs to get perspective?
    keep up the good work

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