Weekend Re-Cap

1.  It was great to see such a good crowd in our second service, considering it was time-change Sunday and it was Spring Break Sunday.  A vicious combination.
2.  I loved the new song with the verse, “I sing because you are good, I dance because you are good . . . ”
3. Our “Stay-cation” give away was neat.  Our Prayer Team prayed that God would have the right families get the gifts, and I think the two families whose name was drawn were well deserving of a boost this Spring Break.
4. It was really nice to have my Mom, my sister Shelby and her two twin sons Austin and Denton visit for a few days.  I did miss my brother-in-law Scott. 5. Some great basketball this weekend.  I was disappointed Vanderbilt lost, but happy Kentucky won the SEC again.
6. Our 242 was packed tonight, and it was a fulfilling and enjoyable time.  The food was so good – too good.
7. I think my sermon today was an important.  Hopefully, those who listened to it will be prepared to not be taken “captive” (Colossians 2:6-8).
8. Pastor David needs to stop bringing Dunkin Donuts.   I’m all for youth fund-raisers, but this is not good for me – :).

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