Different Types of Christians

What category of Christian are you?  In his book The Next Christians, Gabe Lyons identifies five types of Christians in the United States.  I think I have a little of all of these in me.

Insiders: Separatist mentality that are drawn to “safe” places.  Christian schools , Christian radio, Christian t-shirts, etc.

Culture Warriors: Standing up for Christian “rights” in America

Evangelizers: Witnessing is the only or most important interaction they can have in the world.

Blenders: This is in essence, the seeker movement.  Lyon’s quote is too good, “. . . spiritual seekers and blenders feel right at home. Complete with a Starbucks-style coffee shop, Disney-like children’s programming, and worship experience that rivals a Coldplay concert, weekend services attept to emulate the cultural competition.”

Philanthropists: emphasize on doing good works such as soup kitchen, cleaning streets and other social projects.

The final category is what Lyon’s calls the new “type” of Christian is Restorers.   “Telling others about Jesus is important, but conversion isn’t their only motive.  Their mission is to infuse the world with beauty, grace, justice, and love” – Gabe Lyons. In summary, it’s a more holistic approach to the Christian life.

As “Restorers”, we can take all the streams above and take the best from them, avoid the extremes, to be all God has called us to be.

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