The Last 24 Hours

An outstanding weekend at CIL:

– Our Men’s Night on Saturday was incredible!  Pastor Josh Hannah of Friendship World Outreach Church gave an honest, pointed talk on some issues every man deals with.  It was real.  It was hard to hear.  It was needed.  I’m so glad to connect with Pastor Josh, as we had great fellowship, and talked about church planting in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
– Our Palm Sunday service was meaningful, and Jesus-focused.  Beth did a great job leading worship, and I know God spoke to many people.  SO grateful for his grace on this service.
–  On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, several people came to Evangelism Training a CIL with Doug Pessoni.  I was touched to see this small group eager to learn how to share Christ.  This group really wants to live out Know His Love, Share His Love.
– Speaking of  Know His Love, Share His Love, our Compassion Team is serving their monthly lunch at the Sumner County Veteran’s Home today.  I admire this group’s love for these veterans.
– I’m thrilled to find out that my soon to be eleven year old daughter led worship during our 4.6 Service (4th – 6th grade).

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