Incredible Time with Destiny Church

On Sunday night, Beth and I ministered at Destiny Church in Columbia, TN, in what they call an “Encounter Night.”  Pastor Steven Morgan, is a good friend that I have had the privileged of being his church plant “coach.”   This church is on fire!  They have incredible worship, and an energetic and innovative leadership team.  I was so impressed with their facilities, enthusiasm and their heart for the community.  Not even four years old, the church is running 250 plus, and is positioned to grow from there.   We had a powerful time of worship, intercession and ministry.  The great thing is, Destiny Church isn’t satisfied with just a successful special service.  They spent significant time praying for an outreach to the community this Saturday.  Destiny Church is truly living out the phrase we use –  Know His Love, Share His Love.

2 thoughts on “Incredible Time with Destiny Church

  1. Beth Eastep

    Pastor Aaron,

    Just wanted to say thanks to your family for joining us at Destiny Church last night! I GREATLY enjoyed your words and the worship time lead by Beth. I have family in Hendersonville, and hope that when we come up to visit we can attend your church. 🙂

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