Easter Reflections

What a Sunday!

1. A lot of our core people responded to my request to attend the 9:oo a.m. service.  It was the most even our two services have ever been in attendance, and we had a great Easter crowd!

2. As soon as the service was over, I saw some of the darkest clouds I have ever seen.  To my surprise, the storm never hit us head-on, but I hope all my friends in Whitehouse and Gallatin survived without damage.  Beth said the parking lot crew kept watching the sky, as if Christ was about to return.  I know those guys are spiritual, but I’m betting they were pretending to be meteorologist.

3.  After reflecting on today’s sermons, I am convinced that a crowd’s excitement to listen to the message plays a huge role in the success of the message.

5.  Everyone really liked the split screens.  Pastor David Huff, Elliot Parry and Steve Hertzler worked really hard to get that project done this week.

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