Encounter on Friday, June 3 at Noon

Encounter is a time to gather for the sole purpose of worship and intercession.   On Friday, June 3rd there will be live worship with Penny Simms and intercession led by Pastor Aaron starting at noon.  On Friday, June 3rd we will be praying specifically for the teenagers and their camp experience.  Parents of teenagers, please join us to pray for your child during this time.


Quote by E. Stanley Jones

Here is a quote from the end of my message last night called Tradition. Regarding the Pharisees in Mark 7:1-13, E. Stanley Jones writes:

They came all the way from Jerusalem to meet Him, and their life attitudes were so negative and faultfinding that all they saw was unwashed hands. They couldn’t see the greatest movement of redemption that had ever touched our planet—a movement that was cleansing the minds and souls and bodies of men. … Their big eyes were opened wide to the little and marginal, and blind to the big . . . They left a criticism; He left a conversion. They picked flaws, He picked followers” – E. Stanley Jones, Growing Spiritually, p. 109.