Sunday Review (July 31)

1.  I’ve only missed one Sunday this summer (last week), but it felt like I had been gone forever.  So glad to be back in church today.

2.  We took time to pray for Destiny Church in Columbia after the tragic van accident with some of their youth group members that occurred last week.  Their pastor, Steven Morgan, is a close friend of mine.  We’re praying for this church family in their time of deep grief.

3.  For the first time ever, I forgot to have “fellowship time” during our 10:45 service.  This is such an important component of our service, as our friendliness and warmth is necessary to make people feel welcomed.   I simply forgot!   I hope that doesn’t happen again.

4.  It was sad to say good-by to my good friends Jonathan Lee & Laura McEllheney.   Still, but I know God is going to use Jonathan and Laura in a powerful way in their new job.   They will be greatly missed at CIL.

5.   My message The Heart Behind One Sunday was one of the most important talks of the year.  I’ve never been so excited about the future of CIL.  I’m excited to see the wave of momentum God is going to help us create on Sunday, August 21.

6.  We will have water baptisms next Sunday – August 7th.  If you are going to be baptized in water let me know which service so we can properly plan our time.

7.  It’s hot out there!

8.  The guys and gals on Capital Hill really know how to complicate things.  The solution is simple:  spend less then the income you bring in.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Review (July 31)

  1. Ronda Langley

    I think you forgot the fellowship time because your thoughts were with Destiny Church and making sure we didn’t forget to pray together for them. You are right, fellowship time is important, but your love, concern and support of others was more important this day.
    We love and appreciate you more than you know!

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