Do you feel it too?


The last few weeks have been special at CIL.  The enthusiasm and passion for God has been at an all time high.  What makes the difference?   Prayer.

We’ve always been a church with frequent prayer, but our prayers are becoming more and more pure.   Prayer sometimes can be an event, program or obligation.   Our prayers lately have seemed like desperation.  Desperation is usually a negative thing, but not when your desperate for God.

One of my favorite quotes right now:

When a people prays, there is the church, and where the church is, there is never loneliness – Deitrich Bonhoeffer [1]

As we mature as a church body, I see deeper, sweeter and relational prayer increasing.   I dont’ think we should try to become a church that prays.  We need to be a church that seeks the Lord, then we will pray more than we ever thought we could.  Prayer is friendship.  Let’s deepen our friendship with God.

[1] Metaxas, Eric. Bonhoeffer : Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy : A Righteous Gentile Vs. The Third Reich.Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 69.