Weekend Review – November 14


1. I loved the focus during our service Sunday.  We didn’t get distracted with issues of the church organization, but focused on worship, communion and teaching.

2. I was inspired by the team that canvassed for the Thanksgiving Blessing.   So glad for people who do the “share his love” part of Know His Love, Share His Love.  The Thanksgiving Blessing will happen this Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at the Goodwill Parking lot  in Hendersonville.

3. I enjoyed seeing Vanderbilt beat Oregon in their home opener in men’s basketball.  I never dreamed they would lose to Cleveland St. on Sunday, so I’m glad I skipped that game.

4. We enjoyed time with our extended family Sunday afternoon as we celebrated my 2 year old nephew’s birthday.   Such a nice afternoon of fellowship and relaxation.

5.  Speaking of activity, I’ve been thrilled to see the increased fellowship in our lobby since we’ve added the new furniture.   We’ve created a much better atmosphere for fellowship and we’ll continue to work to improve the atmosphere of the lobby.

5. If you see activity at the church on Sunday nights when there is nothing scheduled, your probable seeing Grace Church.   This church plant meets across the highway from us at the movie theatre, and they are led be a group of great guys.

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