Men’s Retreat 2012

Our first ever Men’s Retreat was a great success!   We had a fantastic group of men who drew closer to God and one another.

Observations from the Men’s Retreat:

– We had a good spread of ages represented in our group.  It was great to see men of different age groups connecting in a casual way.

– The worship team’s hard work really paid off.  These guys put a lot of heart in their songs, and we all benefited from it.

– Jay Edgerton, Tim Parry and Charles Watson all did great jobs sharing Saturday morning.

– We were impressed with the food and facilities of Deer Run Retreat Center in Thompson Station, TN.

– I’ll never be able to describe the symphony of snoring that took place in my cabin.  Yes, I was part of that symphony.

– Our guys were a relaxed and confident group, which produced great conversations.

– Everyone loved the time Friday night when we just sat together in the Lord’s presence.  We had worship music playing, and every man just enjoyed sitting with the Lord.  It was truly special.

– The weekend culminated with the presentation of a Discipleship Program for our men.  This is an intense program, but it has incredible potential to develop disciples.  More information on this will be coming soon.   The good new is, the men at the retreat were very excited about this new opportunity.

– I believe this will be the first of many opportunities for our men to have retreats and other discipleship opportunities.

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