Seeds Conference and Willie George

Last week, I spent a couple of days with Pastor David and Elliot Parry at the Seeds Conference  in Tulsa, OK.  The Seeds Conference is put on by Church on the Move and Pastor Willie George.

In the 1980’s, Willie George was innovative in his ministry to children as Gospel Bill .

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, Willie George was an innovator as a senior pastor who personally invested in youth ministry, launching the OneEighty youth movement, which was re-produced all over the nation.

Now, Willie George is passing on innovation through training a high-level of production in the weekly church service.   Specifically, the innovation flows through his son Whitney George, who is the Arts Director and the driving force behind the creative elements at the church.  Still, it takes great foresight and leadership to let the younger generation bring innovation, while mentoring them through the process.

The entire experience at Church on the Move was inspiring and enjoyable.   I don’t think the Church on the Move model is reproducible for the body of Christ, but we learned some great principals that will help us immediately at CIL.

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