Sunday Review of April 1

– A great Palm Sunday, as we had high-energy Praise and a responsive crowd to the teaching.

– A lot of our folks are catching onto this Twitter thing.  Follow CIL on Twitter @ch_indianlake.  Also, join the conversation at #ciltweets.”

– One of the most important parts of a church service that most churches leave out is a time of meditation after the message.  I’m always glad when we include this in our services.

– Malissa Sanders is such a great singer.  She also does a great job leading our Tuesday nights Ladies Bible Study.

–  I thank God for our children’s workers!  A newcomer and her two daughters started on the nursery rotation Sunday, and enjoyed their experience!

–  Those three workers, worked the first service and attended the second service.  I love the concept of “serve one, worship one.”  We have several people who do this, but I wish more would take advantage of that opportunity with the two services we offer.

– I am really looking forward to Stations of the Cross (Wednesday), Good Friday service and our Easter Services.

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